Goody Goody song by Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers

About The Song

Title: Goody Goody

Artist: Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers

Release Date: 1957

Genre: Doo-wop, Rock and Roll

Background: “Goody Goody” is a classic song by Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers, released in 1957. Frankie Lymon was the lead singer of the group, known for his youthful and energetic vocals. The Teenagers, featuring Lymon, gained fame for their doo-wop and rock and roll contributions during the 1950s.

Lyrics: “Goody Goody” is a song that captures the spirit of teenage love and heartbreak. The lyrics tell the story of someone who was once infatuated with their partner but has now realized that the partner wasn’t as good as they initially seemed. The term “goody goody” is used sarcastically, suggesting that the partner portrayed themselves as virtuous or perfect.

Musical Style: The song is characterized by the doo-wop style, a genre that often features vocal harmonies, simple melodies, and a cappella interludes. Frankie Lymon’s distinctive falsetto vocals and the tight harmonies of The Teenagers contribute to the song’s energetic and catchy feel. The musical arrangement includes the use of hand claps and upbeat rhythms typical of the rock and roll era.

Success and Impact: “Goody Goody” achieved moderate success on the charts, but it is more widely recognized for its influence on the doo-wop genre and its contribution to the rock and roll movement of the 1950s. Frankie Lymon’s youthful voice and the Teenagers’ harmonies made the song a notable addition to the era’s music landscape.

Legacy: While “Goody Goody” might not be as universally celebrated as some of Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers’ other hits, it remains a notable representation of the doo-wop sound and the musical styles popularized in the 1950s. The group’s impact on the evolution of rock and roll and their influence on subsequent generations of musicians contribute to the lasting legacy of “Goody Goody.”

Conclusion: “Goody Goody” by Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers is a vibrant and energetic example of the doo-wop and rock and roll genres that dominated the musical landscape in the 1950s. The song’s catchy melody, Lymon’s youthful vocals, and the harmonies of The Teenagers showcase the spirit of the era and contribute to its enduring appeal within the broader history of rock and roll.



“Goody Goody”

So you met someone who set you back on your heels, goody goody!
so you met someone and now you know how it feels, goody goody!
well you gave her your heart too, just as I gave mine to you
and she broke it in little pieces, now how do you do?

So you lie awake just singing the blues all night, goody goody!
and you found that loves a barrell of dynamite!
hurray and halleluyah, you had it comin to ya
goody goody for you! goody goody for me!
ya I hope you’re satisfied you rascal you!

Do you remember me sittin’ all alone waitin’ for the tinkle of the telephone?
Now the action jackson’s turned right around, goody goody!

Yes you remember me, I was all for you, sittin’ waitin’ hoping like you told me too.
Now the action jackson’s turned right around

So you met someone who set you back on your heels, goody goody!
So you met someone and now you know how it feels, hurray and halleluyah, you had it comin to ya.
Goody goody for her.
Goody goody for me.
And I hope she tans your hide you rascal, I hope your satisfied you rascal.
So goody good good for me you rascal you!

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