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“An American Trilogy” is a powerful and iconic song performed by the legendary American musician Elvis Presley. The song is notable for its unique arrangement, which combines three different songs to create a medley that reflects themes of unity, patriotism, and the American experience.

Here is a detailed overview of the song:

  1. Composition and Arrangement: “An American Trilogy” is a medley of three different songs:
    • “Dixie” is a traditional American folk song that originated in the American South and is often associated with the Confederate South during the Civil War.
    • “All My Trials” is a folk song with roots in the Bahamas. It became popular during the American folk revival of the 1950s and 1960s.
    • “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” is a patriotic song written during the American Civil War. Its lyrics were written by Julia Ward Howe, and it has become a significant part of American patriotic music.
  2. Performance: Elvis Presley’s rendition of “An American Trilogy” is a live recording and is widely regarded as one of the most powerful and emotionally charged performances of his career. He first performed the song in 1972 during his “Aloha from Hawaii” concert, and it quickly became a staple of his live shows.
  3. Themes: The song’s medley of “Dixie,” “All My Trials,” and “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” is deeply symbolic. It juxtaposes the Southern anthem “Dixie” with the more universal themes of unity, struggle, and the promise of a better future represented by “All My Trials” and “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” The arrangement aims to convey a message of reconciliation, hope, and the idea that America can overcome its divisions.
  4. Cultural Significance: “An American Trilogy” resonated with audiences during a turbulent time in American history, as the country was grappling with social and political divisions. Elvis’s performance of the song at a time when the nation was still dealing with the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War made it a poignant and unifying anthem.
  5. Legacy: Elvis Presley’s rendition of “An American Trilogy” remains one of his most iconic live performances. The song captures the spirit of unity and healing, and it continues to be celebrated as an anthem that transcends regional and cultural divides.
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In summary, “An American Trilogy” is a powerful and emotionally charged medley of three songs that Elvis Presley performed during a pivotal moment in American history. The song’s message of unity and hope, combined with Elvis’s passionate delivery, has solidified its place in the American musical canon and remains a symbol of a nation’s ability to come together despite its differences.



“An American Trilogy”

Oh I wish I was in the land of cotton
Old times they are not forgotten
Look away, look away, look away, DixielandSing it, fellas.Oh I wish I was in Dixie, away, away
In Dixieland
I’ll take my stand
To live and die in DixieFor Dixieland where I was born
Early Lord one frosty morn’
Look away, look away, look away, DixielandGlory, glory, hallelujah
Glory, glory, hallelujah
Glory, glory, hallelujah
His truth is marching on

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So hush, little baby, don’t you cry
You know your daddy’s bound to die
But all my trials, Lord, soon be over

Glory, glory, hallelujah
His truth is marching on
His truth is marching on

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